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banded 6•11 provides comprehensive business consulting services.

Trust in every detail. 

To ensure the best outcome for your project, you need a business consultant who know what they’re doing—every step of the way. Our experienced construction expertise provides effective leadership, sharpens your attention to detail, and creates a valued and collaborative partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project.

Business Consultant

Shawn Ingram Consulting Group provides comprehensive construction management consulting services. As a business consultant, our leader, Shawn Ingram brings nearly 18 years of construction experience. Shawn has delivered over $2B in projects to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. From the initial concept to project closeout, we assist our clients in facilitating and coordinating the construction process to mitigate complex problems.

Shawn Ingram Consulting works hand in hand with you providing effective leadership in the following service areas.

The key to a successful project begins on day one. Our proven experience in producing projects through alternative delivery methods has allowed us to create programs during the planning stages of the project that will be built to last.  We can manage the entire program and construction process – from pre-procurement through the GMP/Bid award.  Conversely, we can offer segmented services such as partnering alignment and facilitation to the different stakeholders involved.  With either approach, our services make projects more efficient, controlling up front and back-end costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising quality, safety, or the overall budget.

Whether you’re looking to win the Super Bowl, get a plane off the ground, or deliver a construction project, the key to success lies within the abilities of your staff. At Shawn Ingram Consulting Group, we have developed programs to help create the right alignment with your team that when utilized properly will create world-class results.

Having a strong and efficient leadership team may be the key to setting vision and goals of the project, but too many times we have seen all the planning and program goals get lost to excessive waste in the field operations. It’s here, where the rubber must meet the road and where our focused analysis on production as returned over 20% in gained efficiency – improving the overall schedule and saving on the project budget.

Every good business leader knows that without regularly scheduled strategic planning sessions, your ship can ever slightly get off course and lead to long-term failures. We pride ourselves in providing facilitated planning sessions that can help businesses and projects ensure those unexpected disasters never strike.  Our focus includes, but it not limited to market research, employee succession planning, SWOT analysis, and preemptive planning.

As part of the pre-construction services we offer, constructability reviews, if done correctly, not only aids in the overall planning of the project, but can save significant dollars to all stakeholders involved. It is Shawn’s whole concept to work in a collaborative environment, looking for solutions that meet the overall expectations of the client before the designer has even put pen to paper. This approach not only saves time and money during design, but also eliminates any guesswork from the contractor, the subcontracting community, or the end user of the facility.   This proven method has resulted in projects having zero change orders and less than 20 RFI’s on large scale projects.

Effective schedule management starts well before construction begins, ideally in the planning phase where each task associated with design, bidding, construction, and commissioning is scheduled to avoid construction delays. We offer both schedule management services or simply schedule analysis reviews during multiple phases of the project including the baseline schedule objective, design phase, construction, and commissioning/close-out phases.

Without a properly developed and executed commissioning plan, all the time and money saved during construction can be absorbed and lost during the final stages of the project.  Shawn’s proven experience in the start-up and commissioning phase of the project has led to a vast amount of successful and smooth turnovers to the end-users.  This process begins at the beginning of the project through various workshops with all stakeholders and ensures that the right amount of time, resources, and effort are applied on the back end of the project, thus taking the guesswork out of the equation.

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