Leadership Development & Coaching | St. Louis MO | Feb 2017

Leadership Development & Coaching | St. Louis MO | Feb 2017 2018-03-15T03:00:38+00:00

Project Description

Leadership Development & Coaching | St. Louis, MO | Feb 2017

One of our passions is to offer leadership coaching to our clients which through our unique approach, gets to the core of the individual.  It’s here where banded 6•11 exploits the participant’s strengths and helps them respect their own weaknesses; thus enhancing their character to unprecedented levels.  One of our most recent participants hired banded 6•11 to help with the development and strategic approach of starting a new business from the ground up, but before we could dive into that effort, collectively, agreed to focus on understanding our clients goals, aspirations, and obstacles that might create “hang-ups” when moving the new business into action.  Because of this approach, we have been able to ensure their passions and desires align with their core competencies, which will ultimately give the business a better opportunity for success.