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“Nice job on how you recognize the team for all their many efforts during some really tough times and thank you for your leadership in getting the project through the finish line.”  

Randy Highland, Regional President, McCarthy

“I was impressed with Shawn’s leadership.”

“I was impressed with Shawn’s leadership aptitude to successfully take two separate adversarial organizations and bring them together as a unified and united team and have them perform as one. Each team member was then able to focus on the common goals. Because of Shawn’s genuine care for each individual and his ability to focus on results, our award-winning project finished early, below budget, and with long lasting relationships.” Rick Shane, PM, City of Phoenix

“I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn on a very complex $115 million recycled water project. Shawn’s leadership and problem solving abilities were integral to the success of the project.” 

Michael R. Markus, General Manager, Orange County Water District
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“Shawn, thank you being a great part of our team and helping ensure one of our most complicated projects was successful. You became a true extension of our team when we could not be there to facilitate problem and issue resolution”  

Kenny Mitchel, Assistant Project Manager, McCarthy

“He was encouraging and supportive when I decided I wanted to start a new chapter in my life.”

“Shawn was instrumental in the growth of my career. He invested a lot of time and energy mentoring me as well as others around him because he loves to see people flourish. Even when Shawn had a demanding schedule he always made time for me when I needed guidance. He was encouraging and supportive when I decided I wanted to start a new chapter in my life.”Kim Leake, former employee

“I appreciate the honest feedback and the praise.  I’m lucky to have a mentor so engaged in my success and development.  I wouldn’t change anything.  This is the best and first really substantial career discussion I’ve received.”

Jake Stones

“You are a significant asset to any organization you are with.”

“In follow-up to our telephone call last week I just wanted to memorialize my 100% support for you … I’ve always enjoyed working with you and am looking forward to working with you in the future. You are a significant asset to any organization you are with.” Barry Kutz, Vice President, McCarthy

“Shawn did an excellent job helping our team to identify deficiencies,  focus on critical issues, and clarify roles & responsibilities. He has a thoughtful and practical approach that worked well for our team.”

banded611 | Nate GarveyNate Garvey, K&F Electric, Inc.
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“Shawn did an amazing job of jumping into an on-going structural steel fabrication process with little technical background experience and was able to have an immediate impact. Shawn was able to improve the communication and collaboration which resulted in schedule improvements. He was our eyes and ears in the shop and was an invaluable part of our team.”  

Tim Duerst, Project Manager, McCarthy

“Thank you for being a good leader on the project. I gained valuable insight on what it takes to be a valuable team player and for always being there and approachable to me.”

Jared Stradling